Get to the Root of Your Healthy Hair with 100% Organic & Pure Ingredients  

MicMas ReMiX™ founder and creator, Adassa turned her experience of going to school for Cosmetology into a passion that she loves. Creating hair recipes using 100% high quality all natural ingredients. She learned very early about natural hair care and the different resources and benefits provided to deliver the best results. Inspired by her children and motivated from the great results of her hair recipes, she turned her passion into a business.

As an Afro-Latina she is aware of the under representation and stigmas placed on having certain hair types. Our goal is to inspire embracing your tresses because there is no such thing as "pelo malo/bad hair". One's hair texture does not determine whether it is good or bad. ALL hair is beautiful when it is HEALTHY. With this message and getting back to the natural basics with no chemicals or fillers is what the MicMas ReMiX™ brand represents.
In addition, part of Adassa's vision was to also create apparel and accessories to celebrate natural hair, the diversity of Latinas and Boricua pride. With the success of MicMas ReMiX, it has become our focus to give back to the community in Puerto Rico through Operation Backpack providing school supplies to disadvantaged children; contributing to hurricane and earthquake relief aid and supplies; as well as, volunteer work.

MicMas ReMiX™ products are made with Fair Trade, Non-GMO, Raw, Unrefined, Sustainable and Organic ingredients. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality products by using the best ingredients available in an environmentally responsible way.

Thank you for trusting in MicMas ReMiX™ to help achieve healthier hair and represent your individual beauty with our empowering t-shirts and accessories.

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