• Operation Backpack in Puerto Rico

    Thanks to MicMas ReMiX customers for providing an opportunity through the sales proceeds to be used towards all donations going to Puerto Rico to help make a difference. All children deserve equality of a good education without the worry of not being prepared with school needs. This is MicMas ReMiX effort to help towards those needs being met.
  • A New Year With New Ideas and Continued Blessings

    I am a big believer in passing on the blessings that are received. And with that said, MicMas ReMiX promises to continue being that positive force to encourage women to love not only the skin they're in but also the hair they were blessed with. Self Love. Uplifting Women and Puerto Rican Communities.
  • Quality Hair Products + Celebrating Natural Hair + Afro-Latina Pride + Puerto Rico's Ricanstruction = MicMas ReMiX

    MicMas ReMiX was molded into a new formation: Handcrafted Organic|Natural Hair Care, Empowering Apparel and Accessories with Hurricane Relief Contributions.
    For this small Afro-Latina business owner, expressing pride of her African roots reflected in her culture made sense to showcase through empowering t-shirts and bags. Spending many years visiting family and friends on the island of Puerto Rico made it Adassa's objective to want to be a part of also providing hurricane relief support and awareness of the island's plight.
  • Hurricane Relief for Puerto Rico

    Now is the time to not just talk about it but to BE about it. MicMas ReMiX is donating towards various charities for Puerto Rico hurricane relief and has provided supplies at local drop off centers. If you would like to help, please drop off supplies at your local center accepting them and/or make a monetary donation to a reputable charity where 100% of proceeds go to hurricane relief and recovery efforts.
  • OPERATION BACKPACK in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

    "I am very grateful to Adasa for her donation and so many others who donate. I challenge those of you out there to follow her example! If you have Amazon Prime there are lots of pantry items with free shipping. Your donation, particularly of food items would be such a tremendous blessing!" ~ Second Union Church
  • OPERATION BACKPACK in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

    It is MicMas ReMiX's goal to assist in providing for children, who are already facing so much adversity on the island, with the tools to help them in school. Proceeds from a portion of sales will be used towards the purchase of school supplies and food.
  • Trying An Oil Rinse and Its Benefits

    An oil rinse is applying a penetrative oil like olive oil, coconut oil or avocado oil (or mixture of) to the hair before or after shampooing. You could use any oil but these specific oils mentioned are the only ones that can be absorbed into the hair shaft.
  • The Lowdown on High and Low Porosity Hair

    Porosity refers to your hair’s ability to both absorb and retain moisture. Knowing your hair's porosity is important because it allows you to know how well your hair retains moisture.
  • Dipping Your Toes Into the All Natural Waters

    Colored hair with a couple inches of new growth in two and a half months! Don't fool yourself into thinking that you have to go au natural to use all natural hair products. All hair is good when it looks and feels healthy!
  • My Personal Relaxer Free Hair Chop Journey

    "Everything in my hair are naturally pure ingredients. It shows in the healthy shine, radiance and softness in manageability. Plus, the hair growth is a huge plus, too!"

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