It was beyond disturbing the death of George Floyd that caused the social unrest that exploded. I couldn't watch the video that went viral knowing what had transpired in Mr. Floyd's demise. It saddened my heart and hurt my soul to know yet another man died behind the color of his skin. This rampant injustice has been going on for far too long.

Having lived in the United States, I myself have witnessed and experienced racism and colorism many times over. Seeing all of this come to the forefront was major. People have clearly had enough of the blatant systemic racism. It was empowering seeing so many stand up and demand justice and equality. 

Watching islandside, I wanted to take to the streets and show solidarity and support of Black Lives Matter. It was important to me to make my voice heard and express with people around the world that we are against historical and present systemic racism, violence and hate. 

We will not be silent.