Due to the pandemic I wasn't as involved in the Phase 6 Earthship community center build as I would have liked to of been. For me, it was back to my obligations with remote learning like the last school season. However, this time my youngest was starting kindergarten. Game changer now that I would have two children to homeschool.

Even with my limited availability I did what I could to help. Showed up to help by prepping for the phase with putting tarps on the poles, assisted in seperating bottles to be used for the build and bought juicy refreshing fruit for everyone to enjoy. In addition, I put my cooking skills to work and made the volunteers a savory dish. It was my first time cooking for so many! 

Now Phase 7 is scheduled to begin February 15th - 27th, 2021 where it will be focused on finishing the project and finally being able to use it to begin running the community center to serve the local community. For any local residents of Puerto Rico who are interested in volunteering for this final phase, please contact Taina Mia at https://www.tainamia.org/programs/earthship-pr/.