Where to begin with this horrendous tragedy... September 17th, Puerto Rico suffered the worse hurricane to hit in our lifetime. September 20th, FEMA declared it a major disaster. It has blacked out the island, flooded towns, taken lives, broken a dam and torn apart peoples livelihood. Electricity is going to take at least six months and even longer outside metropolitan areas to be restored throughout the entire island. People are homeless. People are hungry. People are in dire need of all of our support. 

Not too long ago, I was talking about how wonderful it was that the Puerto Rican people of the island were selfessly going over and beyond for their neighboring Virgin Islanders in desperate need of help with food, clothes and shelter. Now they are in dire need of the same after welcoming Virgin Islanders who were temporarily evacuated and sheltered in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Irma. They have had to relive this horrible hurricane experience on their home island in the Virigin Islands and then again in their safe haven in Puerto Rico all within a matter of weeks!

I am Puerto Rican and have spent many years on the island. Seeing it brought down to it's knees has been very heart wrenching. I was last on the island with my family in May. Puerto Rico is very special to me as it is part of my roots. I willl not sit in the comfort of my home seeing the horrendous images of my beloved island and people broken. Nor can I complain about the state of affairs without doing anything to help make the situation better. Puerto Ricans are in desperate need of aid. Puerto Rico is in serious need to be rebuilt. 

Now is the time to not just talk about it but to BE about it. MicMas ReMiX is donating towards various charities for Puerto Rico hurricane relief and has provided supplies at local drop off centers. If you would like to help, please drop off supplies at your local center accepting them and/or make a monetary donation to a reputable charity where 100% of proceeds go to hurricane relief and recovery efforts. The Hispanic Federation, linked in the purple box above, is a great organization to donate to.

Thank you all for your orders. Profits are being contributed towards donations for a cause that is very personal and close to my heart.

                                            REBUILD    STRENGTHEN    PROSPER

Pa'lante Puerto Rico!

Monetary donations have been made to the following hurricane relief funds:  

  • Healthcare Without Borders
  • Step Up 4 PR
  • Why Not Care
  • Defend PR - Rebuild Homes in Comerio, Puerto Rico
  • PRP Foundation
  • Bloom Box Puerto Rico Relief (donation of products were made)
  • Tainas Unidas
  • Second Union Church (Guaynabo)
  • Rock Steady For Life Relief for Puerto Rico
  • Pray For Puerto Rico El Mundo Unido Esta Contigo Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief
  • Voices For Puerto Rico 
  • Carlos Beltran's Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund
  • Carmelo Anthony Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief Fund
  • Yo Soy Ella for Puerto Rico  (All proceeds will be given to National Boricua Human Rights Network) 
  • Caribbean Flyers Relief Mission
  • Hurricane Irma Relief