When founder, Adassa, started MicMas ReMiX as a small Afro-Latina owned business it was her primary goal to provide high quality handcrafted organic and natural hair care oil products for kinky curly, coarse, coily and dreadlocked hair while enforcing the message that hair texture does not determine whether it's good or bad. 

In addition, something she wanted to represent as well was empowering t-shirts to celebrate natural hair and Afro-Latina pride. Things took a very personal turn for Adassa once Hurricane Maria hit and devasted Puerto Rico September 20th. It then became part of MicMas ReMiX's mission to help bring awareness and contribute to hurricane relief through donations. 

Through this MicMas ReMiX was molded into a new formation: Handcrafted Organic|Natural Hair Care,  Empowering T-shirts and Accesorries with Hurricane Relief Contributions. For this small Afro-Latina business owner, expressing pride of her African roots reflected in her culture made sense to showcase through empowering apparel. Spending many years visiting family and friends on the island of Puerto Rico made it an objective to want to be a part of also providing hurricane relief support and awareness of the island's plight. 

MicMas ReMiX has made various monetary and supply donations thanks to the customers. None of this would have been possible without you and it is greatly appreciated. Whether you love our hair products or rockin' our t-shirts and bags with an empowering statement or both. Thank you for giving this small Afro-Latina business YOUR business! MicMas ReMiX will continue making great products while atttending to others in need.