It has always been my dream to live in Puerto Rico where my roots are. Last year this dream turned into a reality and soon I found myself trying to figure out the best way to transition my small business on the island. This year I started by advertising in El Coqui Of Rincón to introduce the brand to tourists and the local community. 

Currently, I am working on tying details together for the smoothest transition for a local presence at community events as I continue selling my products online. Although the location is different the quality of the products still remain 100% organic and natural ingredients. Charitable contributions through a portion of the sales proceeds continue to be made with a recent donation to Biotecture Planet Earth's project Phase 4 of the Earthship Puerto Rico. 

This particular non-profit organization is partnered with Earthship PR at TainaSoy in Aguada. Some of you may be wondering what is an Earthship and what is its purpose. It definetly was a new concept for me until a year ago when I learned about it and their mission in Puerto Rico. Below is a description provided from their website to help explain exactly what it is:

An Earthship is a state-of-the-art self-sustainable off-grid building that follows six basic principles, covering six basic human needs by: 

  1. Building with Natural and Repurposed materials.
  2. Heating and cooling through thermal mass to create a comfortable living environment.
  3. Using wind and solar energy to create electricity.
  4. Harvesting and filtering rain water to provide drinking and wash water.
  5. Containing and treating its own waste water without external contamination.
  6. Producing its own food in an integrated greenhouse.

In addition, Earthships are resistant to natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes.

Phase 4 of the Earthship Puerto Rico project begins July 17th - 29th and there is currently work being done every Saturday to help prepare for this upcoming project. So you may wonder how does this fit in with helping the community and what is Earthship PR at TainaSoy's involvement with it? 

Well, Mike Reynolds is the architect behind the Earthship and an advocate of "radical sustainable living". Through his non-profit organization, Biotecture Planet Earth, the projective is to build community centers and schools using local materials and sustainable living methods around the world. 

Earthship PR at TainaSoy plays a huge part by using the Earthships as a model for sustainable and resilient relief, recovery and community development on the island. Their organization will provide green and sustainable relief services; and create demonstration sites showcasing renewable and resilient alternatives for building and land management. In addition, they will provide educational, economic opportunities to the community related to green living, sustainability, as well as, the protection of natural resources. 

I had the pleasure of meeting with Noemi and Carlos, who are two amazing leaders spearheading Earthship PR at TainaSoy, and learning more about thier mission. Immediately, I felt like I had found my tribe when we spoke about our concerns and hopes of a better future for the island. Another thing that stood out for me was their encouragement of having the family involved collectively. That was a huge plus due to it being one of the reasons I moved to the island. Which was to have my children become involved in helping and learning about the strength of community through living it. 

So I am excited to announce that MicMas ReMiX will actively be involved by being hands on boots on the ground on a consistent basis with this particular mission for as long as needed. As promised I will continue using this platform to help bring awareness to this wonderful cause. If you would like to learn more or follow the progress of Earthship PR at TainaSoy, please follow on Facebook link: