This year makes one year since I've last relaxed my hair. I will admit that there were plenty of times I wanted to run out and buy a relaxer out of frustration of taming my super thick hair. Not only was I relaxer free, I had also stopped putting commercial brand products in my hair, as well. Although I've always known the benefits of using natural hair care recipes over store brands (especially with growing up in a Caribbean household), it never stopped me from relaxing my hair and buying the commercial brand hair care products.

For me what was the straw that broke the camel's back was when my hair was at the length I wanted but started breaking off because of being chemically processed and the added stress of using heat on my hair. This had happened too many times before to me. What made this time the final time for me was the encouragement and support of my lifelong friends who had also vowed to stop relaxing their tresses. Giving up heat wasn't going to happen because I like my hair straight in the winter months  However, by eliminating the greater evil (relaxers) my hair would be well on its way to becoming healthy again.   

In August 2016 I chopped off all my hair that was uneven to shoulder length so that it wouldn't look stragly anymore. For too long I was trying to hold onto the choppy ends but now it was time to let it go. And so I began using stricly only organic and natural ingredients in my hair. When I did a length check in November I noticed almost 2 inches of new growth already! Since my big chop and with the warm weather I was wearing my hair pushed back in buns drenched with MicMas ReMiX Hair & Skin Cream or Scalp Treatment Oil. It was great for keeping my hair super hydrated as well as giving my hair a break from the heat. Now that it's starting to get cold I am wearing my hair straight. Still sans relaxer! So how am I getting my hair straight while managing to have healthy hair still?

I wash my hair with only Tai Handmade Soaps (a local Puerto Rican business with products available online) maybe 2-4 times a month. Every week I've been alternating with the Scalp Treatment Oil and Deep Conditioner Oil. Now to make my hair straight, I put rollers in my hair and sit under a hooded dryer with low/medium heat. I never overdry my hair. Once my hair is dry I apply a little of the Leave In Hair Cream use the flat iron on my roots to help my hair lay down flatter to my head to avoid the "helmet head" look. I could also do a "doobie" but I am horrible with doing them on myself. Sometimes I'll run the flat iron on my ends real quick for a smoother look. Once finished my hair looks like I just stepped out of the salon. Only the big difference is that everything in my hair are naturally pure ingredients. It shows in the healthy shine, radiance and softness in manageability. Oh, and the hair growth is a huge plus, too!