Does your hair feel stiff and straw-like dry? You may have low porosity hair. Or do you find that your hair feels hard and lacks elasticity? This may be due to having high porosity hair. Here's how to find out for sure. 

Place clean, freshly washed with no oil or product, strands of hair in a cup of water and wait about 3 to 4 minutes. I must emphasize to use squeaky clean hair strands because oil or any product buildup can obscure the results making your hair float. If your hair floats on the water, you have low porosity hair. If it sinks to the bottom, you have high porosity hair and if it stays in the middle of the water, then you have normal porosity hair. 

Porosity refers to your hair’s ability to both absorb and retain moisture. Knowing your hair's porosity is important because it allows you to know how well your hair retains moisture. With low porosity hair you may experience buildup where it may feel like products are sitting on top of your hair instead of seeping into the hair and scalp. This usually results in the hair feeling stiff and straw-like. Low porosity hair resists moisture and is normally protein-sensitive. 

With high porosity hair you may find it more susceptible to breakage. This hair is usually dry, hard and lacks elasticity plus has a difficult time retaining moisture. Normally, raised and damaged hair cuticles (the outter layer of the hair) are to blame. High porosity hair quickly absorbs moisture but also looses the moisture just as quickly as it was absorbed. Usually, this is the result of damaged hair brought on from harsh chemicals, high heat or harsh shampoos that strip the hair of essential oils. 

Using the proper hair care regimine will help ensure your scalp and hair is fed and moisturized. With My Porosity it is great for ensuring your low porosity hair is getting absorbed with best light oils so that hair retains moisture much better. Remember with low porosity hair, apply oil to damp hair then use low heat to help lift and open the cutucle layers for best moisture absorption. For those with high porosity hair that is highly porous, layering products (leave in, moisturizer and sealer) helps your hair retain mositure. Which the LOC/LCO Method bundle pack, My Porosity, Scalp Treatment Oil, Hair|Skin Cream and/or the Deep Conditioner Oil would be recommended. With the high quality natural and organic butter and oils being heavy and nutrient rich, it helps fill the gaps in damaged cuticles and protects hair from losing too much moisture.